Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nokia N97

Today I heard Nokia will come up with a new phone. The Nokia N97. If you have a look at the youtube film which I embedded. You'll notice that the combination of keyboard and touchscreen looks pretty useful. I'm a Nokia fan, and I love the way Nokia keeps coming with these great phones! 

Of course I haven't tested it. But here are some of the specs*. 

-5 megapixel camera
-32 GB internal flash Memory (room for a 16 - 48 GB Micro SD card) 
-3,5 inch (640×360 pixels) screen 16:9
-Touchscreen ( not multi-touch as it seems in de video)  

If you have a look at this you'll notice that it has a lot of memory. I wonder what this will do with the way people use Mobile. 

This phone will work on Symbian, just like the N95 and N96. Since the Iphone has more than 10,000 apps. The symbian platform has been opened as a open-source platform. I wonder what succes that will bring.  

The N97 should be in store in the beginning of 2009 and will cost around 550 euro. 

Just have a look at this video. And get amazed by this phone! 

Monday, December 01, 2008

Internet Desktops...Jooce

From all of the Web desktops online. "Netvibes, symbaloo, Igoogle etc.." I have found another great flash based Internet desktop.  

"Jooce is a Flash-based web operating system and sharing platform. They are targeting the millions of people who use “cybercafes” to conduct their Internet affairs instead of a regular desktop or laptop. The Jooce product is aiming to provide these virtual vagabonds with a web-based desktop to manage their IM, email, storage, media and widgets in a secure and protected way. They also provide virtual nomads with an online desktop that they can share with friends to swap files like pictures, documents, audio and video."

This is Jooce in a nutshell. I've been testing the website for a few days now and noticed that it has great potential. The messenger client is not really great "it keeps switching from online to offline and vice versa in Google Chrome", and there are some other bugs on there which can frustrate you. However, the fresh design and the audio/video features works perfectly! 

You can create an online back-up of your music library and stream this in perfect quality from your browser. I think Mac users can have a bit of problems with the navigation, for the apple dock has been used again! Firing up this website will make the mac users controlling two of the classic Apple dock. Which could be confusing. 

However "I'm a pc ;)" and this will not be a problem for me. What was a problem for me was the name of the site. "Jooce" come on! The names for web 2.0 sites are terrible "most of them" , and they look so much alike. 

Jooce, Joost, Juice blegh! Be orginal! 
I was impressed though by their fast and beautiful website, which I'll be checking out again when more bugs have been fixed.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maud Mulder & Blogstars

If you watch Dutch celeberies website's, you'll notice that these sites mostly are nothing more than nicely designed Biography,Discography and lyrics. Of course they have a blog where they occasionaly post some updates about some performances, and they would most probably have a guestbook. However, if you really want to know what these stars are up to. You need to be briefed by the television or gossip  magazines. 
The information that you "as a fan" gets is either promotion for their new released album or gossip. 

At Orange Aria we developed a way that Celeberities can upload films, foto's and texts directly on their Blogstar website. I have installed software on Mobile Phones so the Stars just need to produce the content and upload it to the website. This process takes really short because all Mobile generated Content "MGC" produced can be uploaded by pressing 1 button on the phone. 

At the moment there is a pilot going on. Maud Mulder "Idols artist in 2004" has started to use the Blogstars platform. We have never announced the website and in the last four weeks we have achieved to get 9000 pageviews. 

At the moment we are in conversation with a lot of Artist who would love to get the Blogstar platform. This means that in January we hope to have at least five different artist's or groups who are using this platform. The design will have a lot of tweaks in the coming days. What is on there at the moment is a global idea of what it will look like in the end. If you have tips about navigation, colors, buttons please let me know! 

I really want to know what you guys think of this idea, would you follow the Blogstars? 

check out maud.blogstars.nl for the website of Maud. "It's in Dutch though, sorry guys!"

Vloggers On The Road

If you're a dutch blogger. You must be aware of Hollands most popular Marketing Weblog named Marketingfacts. 
The past two weeks I had the opportunity to post some video's on that blog. With seven fellow other students I am setting up 2 formats for a new online video site called M!TV, Marketing Facts TV. 

These posts were in Dutch, and to get some more feedback on the concepts I thought I would turn to you guys. In the video's I posted I asked for feedback on the concepts which we developed. Because we think we could use the wisdom of the crowds, in the end; we are producing these formats for the M!community!

Vloggers on the Road is a concept were the community gets hold of a vlogbox. This vlogbox contains a camera, microphone, a manual "How to Edit" and trial editing software.  This box will be in hands of the bloggers of Marketingfacts. 

The Idea is that these bloggers make videos about every Marketing related subjects. They could take the vlogbox to Events, interview interesting colleagues  or could just show the world a glimpse of there life. Everyweek the vlogbox will be given to another blogger. This way the bloggers of M! need to set up an appointment to hand over the Vlogbox. This way we hope there will be a sort of chain-letter effect. 
We thought of this concepts because there are a lot of online video channels which just copy tv to the web. I think there is a very different way online video channels work than ordinary tv. Lately a lot of webTV channels are just copying tv, which in my eyes don't work. Look to blueshots.tv , a dutch vlog which actually is just a bad copy of tv. Watching interviews of 43 minutes is just not going to work, unless it is really special. I think the only webTV platform which can get my attention for those videos is ted.com, which you guys most certainly heard of. 

I think for a starting webTV platform you need original and fresh content. It doesn't have to be a proffesional tv production. Look at some of the crap quality video's on youtube. I think on the road content should be fun and surprising. Certainly with vloggers on the road. Because you never know which blogger is the next on Marketingfacts TV. 

Future Projects

Grotere kaart weergeven

For the ones who didn’t know. I will go back to Spain shortly. I have been accepted as an Erasmus student at Universidad Europea de Madrid. An university about 20 km from the city of Madrid. I will study different subject on Journalisme and video production. Next to that I will learn Spanish and will improve my English. For the subjects are given in English “Spanglish I’m guessing”.

One of the reasons why I went to Madrid last summer, was to investigate if I liked the city and see how the media world works in Spain. I liked this beautiful city and I definitely learned what the differences in media usage is.  I’m writing a big article on how new media is developing and differs between North and the South of Europe. I will continue travelling to countries and write my reports on how this works. I do however want to include as much as countries possible. For this I will ask input from people in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Romania, and Czech republic and so on.

Where is new media going in Europe, what are the differences between North and South, East and West.

This Article which will take a lot of time. I will record a podcast “As told to chris”. Which will include everything I see in Madrid. 

Next to that I’m trying to set up a show which will include conversations between different continents. One of my dreams is that I’ll set up a network just like myself. Media junky’s who like to cross borders with the web. This way I’ve already met Erick Alejandro. I know you other guys are out there as well. As I made my preparations I’ll make an announcement where I’ll ask for people to contribute to this global podcast.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Help save Mobuzz TV!

To produce an online video show 5 days a week, in three languages en multiple formats you need money. To be exact Mobuzz TV spends 15.000 euro's a month to produce the shows. Hosting costs/production costs/staff etcetera, it adds pretty quickly. 

Mobuzz TV is an European well known videoblog. The bite-size shows are mainly about Digital Lifestyle, gadgets, the web, 2.0 and other fresh topics to keep the passionate and computer-savvy generation an interactive show. 

Mobuzz is in trouble! Mobuzz TV has started a rescue plan on a web 2.0 way. They use twitter, bloggers, there website and viral marketing to get 120,000 euros before the 9th of November. 

It is a rough time for 2.0 companies, certainly because most of the business-models are not working. Producing all these free shows, and get your income through a few banners and pre-rolls. It just don't seem to work. 

I think the strength of videoblogging is not so much the reach that you have. Of course, you can earn money by putting up ads and tell your sponsors that they reach this big audiance you have. But a business model based on this, I think is crazy. Proffesional (b)(v)-logging is hard, and not yet a booming business. 

It's a tough world and that's why I also want to help this very high-quality show from Madrid. Watch the video where they give more additional information. And help save Mobuzz TV. 

Save Mobuzz from Anil de Mello on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Orange Aria - Grand Opening

Thursday Night

Finally the time had come. The last two days Michel Penterman has officially opened Orange Aria with a kick-off workshop and a party. In the workshop he gave an interesting presentation about New Media Developments, Crossmediafacts and other in-depht Media stories. He had some speakers which are very specialised in their sector which created a fun and diverse presentation on New Media.  

With people from RTL, Sanoma, Ilse Media, Thaesis and 538 in the room the diversity of people was very high and an interesting network opportunity. Michel asked me to do a short presentation during the workshop. 
So I did, I presented myself as a New Media User. Which type of media do I use? Why do I use those? How do I use New Media both in College and my work for Orange Aria. And what is the  "Real" story about the use of Social Networks under my age group? 

I had very good feedback and was grateful for the opportunity which Michel Penterman gave me to give my minutes in the workshop.  

After the workshop the bar opened. We had a drink an a bite to eat. During that the networking session I talked to a lot of interesting people who where very interested about my Digital Lifestyle.

 Why do I have this Blog, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube channel, Skype, MSN, 8 Different Social Networks etc.? And how do I not end up crazy with a wifi connection connected to my brains? 

Wondering what feedback Orange Aria gets =). 

For photos check www.flickr.com/orangearia. The video with interviews will be posted here pretty soon. 

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

El mundo through our eyes.

Since 12 March this year Erick Alejandro and I started the blog El Mundo Through Our Eyes. "the world through our eyes".. 

I met Erick Alejandro through this blog and for about a year we now have almost daily contact. We started the blog to compare our different cultures and the use of our Digital Lifestyle. 
In the chats I had with Erick I noticed there are so many differences in use of digital media just because of the differences in culture. 

It's a fun concept but it needs some changing. We would like to expand the number of bloggers so we can make a world wide discussion panel of Bloggers just like us. Next to that we are using flickr, Twitter and our youtube channel to bring our stories to life. 

We however think that expanding the blog from two bloggers to a bigger number can create a great international network of interesting people and ofcourse discussions. 
At the moment we have contact with people from :  Honduras, Chile, Colombia, Germany and Spain. 

Feel free to drop me a line if you are interested in joining the group. 

The blog will continue in English. The quality of your english is not really important. It is mainly to have a basic language in which we can communicate and discuss. With google translator it is easy to understand the main lines of the stories we will post. 

For input or other ideas you can always contact me or Erick. 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twitter on Hyves - tWWWitter

So you are using twitter and hyves. How cool would it be to link those two together?! 

In hyves you have an application called WWW ( Who, What and Where) in fact it is a way to microblog just like you do with Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook etc. 

You get probably bored with typing in your updates in 10 different websites. So I decided to give you a small tutorial link your twitter updates with your Hyves WWW. 

There is a website made by Tijmen Brommet which allows you to link your twitter with your hyves. 

The only thing you'll have to do is just typ in your username. "just where the red arrow points towards to. 

The following which you need to do is give permission to your hyves account to link your tweets to Hyves. You can do this by clicking on "naar hyves gaan om toestemming te geven!" which means "go to my hyves account and give permission!"

You'll end up at the hyves website where you need to login. After that you should just click on "toestemming geven" which means "give permission". 

After that your tweets will turn up on your WWW at hyves. 

Enjoy it! 

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nokia against Apple starringMobile TV

I'm proud to say that I'm one of these guys using Nokia! 

Watching tv on a Mobile phone. The n96 makes it ( as you guys may know) possible. Wednesday I was able to get my hands on one and had a go with it. 

It is so Sexy! And I wonder how many people are with me on this one. 

"The N96 is a better phone than the Iphone"

With the great camera 5.0 mpx camera, improved design, dvb-h receiver, Nokia maps ( geo-tagging) the new Nokia is a dream for me. 

I know the Iphone is just a real nice phone, and I agree on that. Only I think that people need to decide what their plans are with the phones. Will they listen a lot of mp3's ? Will they watch a lot of video? Will they play a lot of highly interactive games. If this is what you do with a phone you should get an Iphone. 

Are you a blogger? Who wants to be in contact with the Internet for 24/7 , directly easy geo-tagged
pictures on your blog/flickr/facebook? Free Mobile TV everywhere you go? Then you should get a N96.

My opinion at the moment is that the Iphone doesn't work as a phone for me. It is sexy, and it works.
Only in The Netherlands your a doomed with a 2 years contract with T-mobile , which has a crap signal
in the places where I come. Next to that I think that the Iphone could be replaced by the also really sexy
Ipod touch.

I wonder what you guys think about this issue. For me the touchscreen is not "yet" a reason to buy a phone.
Certainly not with the Iphone which doesn't really give you all that extra in stead of the Itouch.

I made a video in which I demonstrate Mobile TV on the n96, connected to a beamer.
You can see how easy you can, watch, record and remind programs, next to that you can see it's quality
which for me was really impressive.

let me know what you think guys!

Monday, September 08, 2008

12,5 anniversary of the beach in Aalsmeer

Almost two weeks ago I went to the Beach in Aalsmeer. 

The beach is a very big indoor sportingcomplex including two beaches. I was invited to make a short video of the big party over there. And here is the result.

for a higher quality version of this clip dubbelclick on the youtube player and select "High Quality" on www.youtube.com

Friday, August 29, 2008

The cause of the plane crash in Madrid.

One day before my flight a plane crashed at Barajas Airport in Madrid. Around 150 people died and this was so close. A lot of helicopters and ambulances could be heard in the city. 

The left engine failed during take off and made the airplane crash on the airport. It must have been terrible for the passengers because it was the second try to take off. The plane had a lot of fuel inside, which causes a really big fire. 

A member of the Sin Futuro team 'Boris' didn't think this was just an accident. In a conversation with him he told me that 3 months before the crash Barajas airport had fired 25 % of the employees. "including 68 mechanics". They did this because they couldn't pay them anymore. 

What happened was that there was a shortage of mechanics on the airport which meant the Pilots had to dubbelcheck their planes themselves. These people were not trained for this but had to do it because they had the best knowledge about the plane. 

I was glad the next day the atmosphere on the airport was really relaxed so I could have a relaxing flight..

What I also found Interesting is how Twitter was used to inform other people about the crash. Within 10 minutes I got 58 tweets which informed me about what happened, how many deaths, flight details etc. Also people used twitpic to show the world of twitter what it looked like from the Highway.

I think Twitter is becoming a very up to date social newsroom...

The only thing that keeps me warm..

Is work! 

Heya guys, back again since the 21th. I know I haven't posted much lately, however this didn't come because of a lack of exciting stuff that I had gone through. Not at all.

I have done so much stuff that I need to find a way not to post another 100 posts. 

I'll brief you guys again from now on ;). check this video by The Onion. Really funny how they can change the context. 

Monday, August 11, 2008

We are going to get the James Bond Cloaked car!!

I found this topic through the newsroom of Mobuzz TV "ENG". I guess we are getting close to rebuild James Bond cars! 

"Poof! Scientists closer to invisibility cloak

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists say they are a step closer to developing materials that could render people and objects invisible.

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time they were able to cloak three-dimensional objects using artificially engineered materials that redirect light around the objects. Previously, they only have been able to cloak very thin two-dimensional objects.

The findings, by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, led by Xiang Zhang, are to be released later this week in the journals Nature and Science.

The new work moves scientists a step closer to hiding people and objects from visible light, which could have broad applications, including military ones.

People can see objects because they scatter the light that strikes them, reflecting some of it back to the eye. Cloaking uses materials, known as metamaterials, to deflect radar, light or other waves around an object, like water flowing around a smooth rock in a stream.

Metamaterials are mixtures of metal and circuit board materials such as ceramic, Teflon or fiber composite. They are designed to bend visible light in a way that ordinary materials don't. Scientists are trying to use them to bend light around objects so they don't create reflections or shadows.

It differs from stealth technology, which does not make an aircraft invisible but reduces the cross-section available to radar, making it hard to track.

The research was funded in part by the U.S. Army Research Office and the National Science Foundation's Nano-Scale Science and Engineering Center.


This was my 100th post , first person who comments will get a post just about his/her website =)..

Great price, no ;-) ?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Classic, What if a Ad agency created the Stop Sign..

I found this video on the blog of Jim Cutler..

I thought it was brilliant!


At twittmad last Tuesday I met an interesting young man who calls himself Gafeman. I remembered he had a great application working on his Ipod Touch. Which allowed him to listen to music. Just like Last.fm. He had a "special version", on which he gave me a demo. 

He went to http://tentacul.us/m/. There he saw the tentacul.us interface. He could click on one of the songs on the homepage but he did a search for "fall out boy".

The application suggested a band while he was typing in the name which helped him for a quick search,
and result. He clicked on the song which he wanted to play
and Voila! The song started to stream ( very fast) in his browser and provided him a High quality version of the song.
Because of his "special" Ipod he was also able to download the song to his ipod. 
I was amazed by this, especially how fast it went and checked it out on the web.

Tentacul.us doesn't stop with the Iphone. Tentacul.us has a application for the: Playstation 3, Twitter, Mozilla Add-on, Iphone and an special jukebox which does random search in the database.

At the moment the Database is not big. They added a lot of music from different artists. However the full albums aren't available, the most Hits of the artists are.
As I saw for the votes and the clicks on the songs, I'm guessing the website just started. I think it has great potential with their easy and very simple interface.

I think especially the Playstation 3 app. is good. At the moment the music player in the Playstation is very bad. If I plug in my Ipod the songs aren't well categorized. The Categorize the songs on dates it was added and the names of the albums 
are impossible combinations of numbers and letters. 
If you browse to http://tentacul.us/ps3/ with your playstation you will see the special tentacul.us playstation website. Here you can search the database for the song which you want to listen.
If you click on the song, it will stream just like the web version of Tentacul.us however if you click 2, you will download the song to your ps3 Harddrive.

This is like a combination of Limewire and Last.fm on your ps3!

The twitter app. doesn't answer the question: " What are you doing?" but "What are you listening?" Your twitter will be updated every time you will listen a song. And people will not only know what you are doing during the day, but also what you listen!

Go check it out for yourself, I will be waiting for the N95 App!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good times at TwittMad

Same time, same place, same day. Yesterday I have attended the TwittMad in Madrid. 

What exactly is Twittmad?  

TwittMad is the first meeting organised by Twitters for Twitters. Marilin Gonzalo ( one of the founders of TwittMad)  used twitter for quite some time. She has been following people, but she wanted more. She and here Argentinean fellow Twitters decided to meet up one time. And they organised this through twitter. 

They had a dinner somewhere and had a great time. They decided to do it more often. Maybe once a month? Because they met up using twitter, people who followed them noticed that they were meeting up, and they also wanted to know who the real people behind these Nicknames are. 

TwittMad was born.

Yesterday the 11th meeting of TwittMad was being held in the Irish Pub at Calle de Brasil in the heart of Madrid. They have loads of space there to manage up to 100 people. The strength of Twittmad is that they don't want to make money out of it. It is just for meeting up with twitterfriends!

At the moment people are also organizing Twittmad in Barcelona, Lisbon and there was even one in Tokio. The idea of the meeting is to Network, have fun, talk about blogs/twitter/mobile phones/your addiction to chocolate/plurk/Apple/music/Laptops/your favorite colour and the rest. 

So why is this meeting different?

There wasn't really a goal or a presentation or anything that HAS to be done around here. And for once it has really been relieving that you don't have to sell your blog..

I think the idea of meeting people there, getting introduced by others and drinking some nice beers was a great way of discovering who these guys you follow look like.

I finally met some people which I knew for a long time. And it was a really nice experience to meet these people in person. Personally I would really love an event just like this in Holland,
Of course you have meet ups. Such like twitterborrel. But I'm not sure it will be the same. 

I would love to see a meeting just like Beers & Blogs, and Twittmad organised in The Netherlands.

Anybody feeling like organizing it with me?!

check my flickr for all the photo's I made.

Or other the other photo stream of Marilin

Friday, August 01, 2008

What is Oozzl trying to do?!

I signed up for Oozzl a while ago, and I must admit...I never looked back to it again. I just wanted to see what it was, and I thought it was just another Social Network. However the thing I do know, is that  Oozzl needs to make up their mind. I received this email on June 17th:

Oozzl Networking

This email is to let you know we're changing the theme of Oozzl.

Oozzl will become a social networking website for celebrity fans, and we're hoping you want to be part of our renewed website.

Theo, Martin
Oozzl Networking

I thought ok, the plan didn't work, another general social network, Let's try something else...

This is what I received today:

Oozzl, Social Networking

This is to let you know Oozzl is stepping away from the celebrities theme.

We are again a general social networking website.

If you have ideas to make Oozzl a better and nice website, please let us know.

You're welcome to invite all your friends to become members of Oozzl..

Best regards,
Theo, Martin
Oozzl, Social Networking

OOzzl Seriously, make up your mind! 

Campus Party video, Impression by Chris and Marilin.

Yesterday Marilin Gonzalo and I went filming at the Campus party, I edited a short movie so you guys can see what it's like around here. It is a week long event in Valencia (I was here for 3 days) and I have had a blast just wandering round. Here's a walking tour that includes the Actroid (she's the closest to a human I've seen), the campus party, liquid cooled computers and (in the interview) we examine a device which helps your wrist to relax after a long day typing..

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update From Valencia, Campus Party

I know it has been a while, but I'm back. 
This time not from Madrid. But from the hot Valencia! 
At this moment 600 people and myself are located in a hall in  the Feria in Valencia. They all brought there computer. And we do what we do best. Gaming, blogging, producing content and having fun! 

I am at the Campus Party.

After a three hour trip with the train from Madrid to Valencia, I checked in at this beautiful hotel. I got a great room including an Hd-tv and Wifi! I am here with Marilin Gonzalo producing video and other content for Agora News.

Campus Party is something really different than what I expected. The campus is here in Feria Valencia for 1 week. In this week people from all over Spain are gathered in  these big halls. People bring their Desktops, Hd-tv's  couches and I even saw a bed next to the computer. 

People are gathered to game in a huge Lan-network, talk about their blogs, Sharing millions of files, hacking computers and building Robot's. Next to that a few companies are based here just like they do on a convention. However, they don't try to sell a product, they want to share what kind of cool things they are building. This way the atmosphere over here is just like you would find on a big Festival. People are just having fun with doing their hobby or work. 

The most fun of all is that during the week, the Campus will not close for one minute. People go on 24/7. I guess most of these people won't even see daylight for a week. 

Next to the geeks and the gamers, the bloggers are here for the first time since Campus. The bloggers are at the Campus Blog site, and share stories with each other, they keep on twittering for the whole day and they record everything what the people at campus party are doing. 

The main blog and podcast, run by Jose A. Gelado, is updated as soon as there is a new update. I was asked to contribute to the podcast soon. So I'll let you guys know when I did. 

The people here can sleep in tents. On the first floor of the Feria there is an airconditioned hall just for tents. For the morning strength there is Yoga, and at Symantec Norton they give massages. 

People here are really crazy. The have the weirdest and coolest computers. They hise up pirate flags and are really creative with empty soda cans. 

Everybody has there own seat in a very big hall, on very long tables. The Wirelles internet is free and that is the ultimate recipe for computer fans to come here. 

I will be doing some interviews with interesting people tomorrow. And will sent you a link to the video. 

This women which you see on the picture, isn't real. It is an Actroid! She looks so real, no picture can record what an experience she is. There is a microphone next to her, and if you ask her questions, she will answer. She can tell jokes and she will answer thank you if you say she looks good. She can move every muscle in her face, and her eyes look so real. It is almost if you are looking to a real women. Good work from the Japanese! 

For all my photo's check my flickr.

For the story of Marilin Gonzalo check this link 

You can also follow me on Campus Party at my twitter

Friday, July 25, 2008

Update from Madrid

So I have moved to the new apartment. Settled down again and went back to work.
So many things have happened this week. It is hard to keep up. Time just flies over here.

I had this great surprise in the beginning of this week. I was invited to go to the Campus Party in Valencia. I will be there with Marilin Gonzalo at the CampusBlog. I managed to get a press pass so I'll also have acces to the rest of the campus. The Campus party is an event which started in 2007. It is recognised as the biggest electronic entertainment event on-line in the world.

"An annual event which has taken place since 1997, that gathers thousands of participants together with their computers from all over Spain and other nations, in order to share their concerns, exchange experiences and carry out lots of different activities related to computers, communications and new technologies."

Sounds pretty cool huh?! I will be there from next thursday untill sunday. And I will be staying in a beautifull Hotel close to the center of Valencia.

Next to that I have been busy at Agora News. I helped out with setting up the studio which they will use for the production of their video's. I also went to the office of Agora News where I helped editing some video's.

On wednesday I went to the ABC Newspaper office. Agora news had a meeting with Javier Duro and they took me with them. First we had a great lunch in which we had lot's to discuss about online video. He told us how he is producing ABC TV. What kind of equipment they use , how they edit it , how they made the video platform etc.

After that he took us to the studio at ABC, and showed us where it all happens. It was very interesting to see where the program is filmed. Because next to their studio is the very big newsroom. Loads of people working over there.

I'll be making another episode of As Told To Chris this Sunday, should be on there in the evening. I think tonight Í'll head to that great bar where I went last night.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My interview at Agora News

Yesterday I found that the interview I did was placed on the web. Pretty weird to see yourself back like that.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Final Stadsspelen

I noticed I never blogged about this video I made. I made it quite a long time ago, but that shouldn't matter.
This is a compilation of the Amsterdam city finals on Dam square.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

So how are they doing @ Mobuzz?

Yesterday I spend a good time in park Retiro. You could see it as the Central Park of Madrid, It is huge and you can get a lot of inspiration for any kinds of things over there.
However I'm not writing this post to tell you how great Madrid is. Because after my stay in the park I went to Mobuzz tv.

Mobuzz Tv is the portal of all kinds of shows. You have the Dosis Diara, Daily buzz and Le buzz which are a short news show about developements in tech and digital lifestyle. Next to that there are 2 other Spanish shows which called, el Noticerio and El punto gilton.

I went to see Gabe Mac, he is the presenter of the Daily Buzz. Gabe showed me around the building, "check for photo's". He needed to prepare some stuff for the Monday show, and I got to see how they made it. The first thing I noticed was that everybody at Mobuzz works with Google Docs. And if you think about it is great if you need to share a lot of documents with Colleagues.

The Mobuzz shows are made by the presenter, gabe in this situation searches through 9000 RSS feeds to find some interesting articles/films or pictures. That way he makes a choice on what will get in the show, and he writes his own show down. There is also a script which he will need to make every day for the editors. About 2 O'clock Gabe is ready, and they will film the show. All with an Canon XH A1 HDV camera.

After gabe has done his part the editors get to work, and look at the script of gabe, they will see all the content which he wants to have in the show. The editors will add all of these things working with the latest version of Final cut pro.

Pretty awesome to have seen this process.

When Gabe was done he made some time for me for an Interview. I'll be publishing this Interview on http://astoldtochris.wordpress.com tomorrow.

I'm heading to the park now, trying to get a tan. Shouldn't be a problem with this weather.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woke up, checked my stuff y voy en Madrid!

Woke up, checked my stuff y vamos!

Arrived in Madrid this afternoon after a good flight with KLM. And now I'm enjoying this fantastic temperature.

First thing I did is installed all my electronics so I could be in touch with you guys. After that, I went for a stroll in the city.

Grotere kaart weergeven

I already made some pictures and bung them up on the my flickr account.

Tomorrow will be my first day where I will be meeting Jaime from Agora News. He said he had some work for me, so I'm having dinner with him. Also I'll be interviewing my first victims which I will ask all about Madrid!

Do you guys have a suggestion about who you would like to see interviewed? Please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Noticed by chris:

Did you know:

"that in Madrid everybody smokes? I'm surprised to see how many people smoke over here."

"Madrid is a green city! Not only are there fabulous parks, but I saw some commercials which encourage people to save water and energy."

"Madrid has a very interactive show on TVE called Canta! , they use the ps3 singstar to find there Idol. The score of the ps3, the judge and the audiance decide who will be the next Idol. Funny to see that Spanish television is using Gaming to make a very modern Tv Show. "

Sunday, July 13, 2008

As told to chris

If you follow me on twitter you might have read it. I'm planning a trip to the sunny and hot Madrid. I'll be leaving Wednesday the 16th and I'll be coming back the 21st of August. What will I be doing there?

Madrid, a big and hot city which doesn't stands still. I will be working on a big article over there. An article about new media in Europe. At the moment people in Europe think the new media revolution is happening in Northern Europe. I am not so sure about that, as I see a lot of online video channels and other great initiatives coming from the South. I will be interviewing people from these upcoming companies and will investigate what's going on there.

How will I brief you guys about this?!

Just today I made a podcast channel called "As told to Chris". This will be a weekly show in what's happening over there in the world of New Media. Are they ahead of us? What sort of gadgets are the most normal thing in the world over there? How does a Southern-Europe Culture use New Media? Next to that I'll be adding interviews with interesting people. I'm trying to reach Martin Varsvasky, Gabe Mac, Anil de Mello and some other guys which I think will have a interesting opinion about this subject.

Besides that, I'll be producing little video's which I'll post on fulltime chris, these will contain little documentary's about the city, the interviews and other reports about New media in Madrid. Also I will be making photo's which I will upload to Flickr, the idea behind this is that the pictures should talk for themselves. So I won't be saying more about that. You can check these pictures on As told to Chris or on my flickr account.

Going to Madrid alone is pretty exciting for me. I hope you guys will follow the show. And have input on my output.

It would be very cool to have a lot of interaction with you guys.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Internet, what a shock!

found this website through another blogger.
thought this was a great video. Have fun ;-)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Visual Search engine top 5...

Thanks to Erick Alejandro I found about two other visual search engines.He got me thinking and I just made my visual search engines top 5.

Quinturq is a visual search engine which works with tag clouds. You can enter your query and it searches for related tags. The search engine works with split screen so you can see the results of your tagcloud right away. The most cool thing of this engine is that you can make your own tagclouds pretty fast and embedd them on your website. The thing I don't like about it is that the website looks terrible. It hasn't got that 2.0 feeling like other websites. I think this is just a Google, Ugly but efficient.


Kartoo is a funny flash based visual "meta" search engine. It connects tags and looks at the content. For instance if you search for "Toto" you'll see that the connection boxes on the screen contain words like "Music, Rock, Band, Artist" if you hover over the words you'll notice the tags which contain that sort of information will be linked with a line. What I truly find stupid of this website is that it gives you the illusion you can enter search with categories such as"Images, video, wikipedia" However this is just a link to yahoo or wikipedia. Is this because their lazy? Or do the just don't want to keep people on their website?


A visual search engine isn't always a website. So we can see from Ergo. Ergo is a search engine which you download on your computer. It works with a combination of online and offline searching. What does that mean? Well that you can organise your own stuff just like you can do with programs like Picasa. The cool thing from Ergo is that you can search in multiple sources. From your local hard disk to Flickr to Google. Of course these results are shown as a nice Apple frontrow style copy which gives it a nice 2.0 look and feel.

The thing I don't like of Ergo is that you need to download a program to search your computer and the web. Besides that the give you a trial version first. And after that they expect people to purchase the software. I would never pay for a search engine on my computer, would you?!


I think Redzee is a great number 2. It has a very beautifull way of showing their results. It reminded me of a carousel which you can make with Wix. Is very User friendly and it makes searching a lot easier. It is simply just click and drag with websites. The website however does contain a big ammount of bugs. It can't find query's, or the website doesn't load properly. They are just like every 2.0 company in Beta, so you can't really complain. I really think we can hear more from these guys.


You type 'visual search engine" into google, and these guys come up. I think the best visual search engine at the moment because of the true 2.0 way of designing and programming this website. I think Web 2.0 has all to do with sharing litteraly everything you can. I never even thought of sharing my search results but if you think about it, it can come in handy sometimes. Search me works with the -not to original- but very beautifull Apple frontrow display. It shows thumbnails of the websites and you can enlarge them, and go that website if you feel like it. The greatest function of Search me is building your stacks. You can just drag websites/photo's/video into a stack which after that you can simply embedd in your blog. :-) Tried it before in this blog which worked fine for me. I think these guys will be followed by a lot of other search engine company's. However at the moment. They are my number one.

So what about you guys, did you miss one in this top 5? What are you're top 5's?
let me know.