Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad experience with Vodafone NL

I am a customer with vodafone for 2 days now and I am not pleased at all!
On 4 september 2006, I ordered a telephone on the online webstore of vodafone. ( At first I was realy excited because I ordered a really nice telefone and I really wanted to impress my friends with it. I got a letter around 12 september which told me that my simcard and telephone where on there way. And last friday I finally got my simcard. The only thing is that my phone didn't arrive. So I waited for 2 days. And still no telephone. And because they will charge from the 18th of september I got angry with them. So I rang them up (cause the website doesn't give information at all!), and this guy tells me that the phone I ordered was out of stock, and the next supply will be shipped at 11 October. So now I don't have a phone which I really looked out for, I have to pay my monthly bill cause my contract started at the 18th, and I still have to wait for 11 October and hope that I will get my phone (cause the sell about 50 a day). So I really feel treated badly. And my first experience with Vodafone is really terrible! I'm stuck with them for the next two years and I hope my bad experience will stay with this one. If this is the way they treat customers, it isn't the right way!

Interactive game finished!

Last thursday I've launched my interactive game. It was a succes because everyone I Told about my game were very enthousiastic. It was a hard job to promote my game, because of my teammembers who couldn't care about the promotion, but I still convinced 16 people to vote on my game. The winner had 25 votes. The only problem I had with the voters is that they are so dumb! I mean the winner had a very nice game. It was a table with a monitor in the center en the table was the game board. You could play this game with 4 people and you could win this game by being the first player on the finish. A really nice game to play. But what the voters forget, is that in real life, nobody will by this game. Simply because they don't have room for it. I mean this table really was 1,5 meters by 1,5 meters. Nobody will go to a store and buys a game that they don't have room for. It was really ridiculous. So i really found it a pity that the voters didn't think about on what game they voted. They were consumed by looks and gameplay. But they didn't look beyond that. And if they did, they would find this game too large for boardgame. But I am going to work on my interactive game, and I am going to try if there is a market in this game. Simply because this game is part of a whole new genre.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I've been busy working at the IBC, last friday, today, and upcoming Tuesday I'm working on the stand of the AIB (Association for International Broadcasting). It's not a really great job, I'm handing out free copies of the Channel to every bypasser, but I'm really happy I can explore the IBC like this. It's amazing what guys like sony are presenting there. They have these really big HD screens and HD camera's and seeing these sorts of technology is like a dream come true.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Interactive game

This week I've been busy with analysing the target group "12 year old's", and today I had to give an exposition about all the info that my team and I gathered. We had to make 3 presentations which we had to present on foamboards. People that walked by could give us a sticker so they vote on our idea's. After the exposition we grouped up and talked about the suggestions that were given. We chose one of the 5 games that we designed and next week we will work and design this game for a proto type. For now I'm having a school free weekend, so I have a fresh mind when I start monday.