Monday, August 28, 2006

Interactive game

Just got back from Amsterdam and I was given my first project. With 3 other people I am going to produce an interactive game. The game doesn't have any limits thinking of platform. You could make a game for the ipod for example, the only restrictions it has is that the game must be an interactive game that can be played by more than just one person. It needs to be a "gezelligheidsspel" what we call it over here in The Netherlands. For tomorrow we need a team name and a logo, so I have enough to do today.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Seth Godin speaks at google

Here is a very interesting story that Seth Godin talks about. I really recommend to take some time and watch this presentation. It is about the way people react on smart marketing. How you could create a story behind your product. And why google services like gmail don't work as good as the google search engine itself.

Just back from Greece and back to work

On the 19th of August I came back from a 2 week during holiday in Lefkas (Greece). I had a great time with loads of sunshine and I've met some nice people. These two weeks were very relaxing, but unfortunately to everything comes an end, and this week I started my study Interactive Media at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. It was a very busy week and I got involved with the basic programs to set up a simple website. I now know the basics of programs like photoshop, illustrator and dreamweaver and for the past 4 days I have played with these programs just to get the hang of them. Next week I'll be working on a project which is called "Game on". I haven't had a briefing yet of what to do, but I guess I need to develop an interactive game what you can play on the web, on your ipod or on your cell phone. Tomorrow I'm going to meet my class and my project group with whom I'm going to start this project. I hope I'll meet some interesting people with who I can set up an nice project.