Monday, October 16, 2006


Today I had my first exam, It was not that difficult actually. I finished the test in about 20 min, and I found it quite easy. But I saw so many people with these frustated faces and looking at me in the hope I would give them a answer. Well in about 2 weeks I will get my results so all I can do now is wait.

Developments Project

Today a team member of my project showed his work what he has done montaging the film we shooted last friday. This project is basically a destruction of a bicycle, we made a movie about how a aggresive person (Me :) ) is beating up a bicycle with a hammer, and eventually blows it up with a bomb. After the bicycle died, a few other actors (my team mates) bury the bicycle and with the music and the sad faces of the actors it really gets emotional :P. When I have the movie on dvd i'll post it on . I'll probably have in the beginning of November.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Back again

It has been a while since my last post, but then again I have been busy. Most of the time I have been working on a project for school which I will finish on the 20th of October, but I also have done some relaxing things and exciting things like the show of monsterjam. On 3 October I went to the Gelredome (Arnhem) where I had a really great show of the Monstertrucks. I really had a great time over there. Check for details. Next monday I will have my first exam but I don't think it will be a difficult one. It is a open book test, so it shouldn't be a big problem :P.