Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update From Valencia, Campus Party

I know it has been a while, but I'm back. 
This time not from Madrid. But from the hot Valencia! 
At this moment 600 people and myself are located in a hall in  the Feria in Valencia. They all brought there computer. And we do what we do best. Gaming, blogging, producing content and having fun! 

I am at the Campus Party.

After a three hour trip with the train from Madrid to Valencia, I checked in at this beautiful hotel. I got a great room including an Hd-tv and Wifi! I am here with Marilin Gonzalo producing video and other content for Agora News.

Campus Party is something really different than what I expected. The campus is here in Feria Valencia for 1 week. In this week people from all over Spain are gathered in  these big halls. People bring their Desktops, Hd-tv's  couches and I even saw a bed next to the computer. 

People are gathered to game in a huge Lan-network, talk about their blogs, Sharing millions of files, hacking computers and building Robot's. Next to that a few companies are based here just like they do on a convention. However, they don't try to sell a product, they want to share what kind of cool things they are building. This way the atmosphere over here is just like you would find on a big Festival. People are just having fun with doing their hobby or work. 

The most fun of all is that during the week, the Campus will not close for one minute. People go on 24/7. I guess most of these people won't even see daylight for a week. 

Next to the geeks and the gamers, the bloggers are here for the first time since Campus. The bloggers are at the Campus Blog site, and share stories with each other, they keep on twittering for the whole day and they record everything what the people at campus party are doing. 

The main blog and podcast, run by Jose A. Gelado, is updated as soon as there is a new update. I was asked to contribute to the podcast soon. So I'll let you guys know when I did. 

The people here can sleep in tents. On the first floor of the Feria there is an airconditioned hall just for tents. For the morning strength there is Yoga, and at Symantec Norton they give massages. 

People here are really crazy. The have the weirdest and coolest computers. They hise up pirate flags and are really creative with empty soda cans. 

Everybody has there own seat in a very big hall, on very long tables. The Wirelles internet is free and that is the ultimate recipe for computer fans to come here. 

I will be doing some interviews with interesting people tomorrow. And will sent you a link to the video. 

This women which you see on the picture, isn't real. It is an Actroid! She looks so real, no picture can record what an experience she is. There is a microphone next to her, and if you ask her questions, she will answer. She can tell jokes and she will answer thank you if you say she looks good. She can move every muscle in her face, and her eyes look so real. It is almost if you are looking to a real women. Good work from the Japanese! 

For all my photo's check my flickr.

For the story of Marilin Gonzalo check this link 

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