Friday, July 25, 2008

Update from Madrid

So I have moved to the new apartment. Settled down again and went back to work.
So many things have happened this week. It is hard to keep up. Time just flies over here.

I had this great surprise in the beginning of this week. I was invited to go to the Campus Party in Valencia. I will be there with Marilin Gonzalo at the CampusBlog. I managed to get a press pass so I'll also have acces to the rest of the campus. The Campus party is an event which started in 2007. It is recognised as the biggest electronic entertainment event on-line in the world.

"An annual event which has taken place since 1997, that gathers thousands of participants together with their computers from all over Spain and other nations, in order to share their concerns, exchange experiences and carry out lots of different activities related to computers, communications and new technologies."

Sounds pretty cool huh?! I will be there from next thursday untill sunday. And I will be staying in a beautifull Hotel close to the center of Valencia.

Next to that I have been busy at Agora News. I helped out with setting up the studio which they will use for the production of their video's. I also went to the office of Agora News where I helped editing some video's.

On wednesday I went to the ABC Newspaper office. Agora news had a meeting with Javier Duro and they took me with them. First we had a great lunch in which we had lot's to discuss about online video. He told us how he is producing ABC TV. What kind of equipment they use , how they edit it , how they made the video platform etc.

After that he took us to the studio at ABC, and showed us where it all happens. It was very interesting to see where the program is filmed. Because next to their studio is the very big newsroom. Loads of people working over there.

I'll be making another episode of As Told To Chris this Sunday, should be on there in the evening. I think tonight Í'll head to that great bar where I went last night.


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