Monday, December 01, 2008

Internet Desktops...Jooce

From all of the Web desktops online. "Netvibes, symbaloo, Igoogle etc.." I have found another great flash based Internet desktop.  

"Jooce is a Flash-based web operating system and sharing platform. They are targeting the millions of people who use “cybercafes” to conduct their Internet affairs instead of a regular desktop or laptop. The Jooce product is aiming to provide these virtual vagabonds with a web-based desktop to manage their IM, email, storage, media and widgets in a secure and protected way. They also provide virtual nomads with an online desktop that they can share with friends to swap files like pictures, documents, audio and video."

This is Jooce in a nutshell. I've been testing the website for a few days now and noticed that it has great potential. The messenger client is not really great "it keeps switching from online to offline and vice versa in Google Chrome", and there are some other bugs on there which can frustrate you. However, the fresh design and the audio/video features works perfectly! 

You can create an online back-up of your music library and stream this in perfect quality from your browser. I think Mac users can have a bit of problems with the navigation, for the apple dock has been used again! Firing up this website will make the mac users controlling two of the classic Apple dock. Which could be confusing. 

However "I'm a pc ;)" and this will not be a problem for me. What was a problem for me was the name of the site. "Jooce" come on! The names for web 2.0 sites are terrible "most of them" , and they look so much alike. 

Jooce, Joost, Juice blegh! Be orginal! 
I was impressed though by their fast and beautiful website, which I'll be checking out again when more bugs have been fixed.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was checking myGoya and Desktoptwo(other online desktops) but Jooce looks more cool, when I see the cube I remembered the linux compiz. xD How big is the memory of this site? I was reading in a blog that is unlimited but I have my doubts

Christopher Marks said...

At the moment there is no uploading limit. This is on their F.A.Q page :

Is there a limit to number and size of files I can store on my jooce desktop?
- Currently, there is no limit to the number and size of files you can upload onto your jooce desktop. That’s right, it’s unlimited. So go forth and upload to your heart’s content."

Christopher Marks said...

At the moment I think Jooce looks really cool indeed. Did you also notice you can change the effects.."Like the cube transition", I must say the design is very neat. However it's not really original. It's like you say: "when I see the cube I remembered the linux compiz". It does look like linux and OSX. But I think it's better to steal a good design, than come up with a really bad one...