Friday, September 19, 2008

Nokia against Apple starringMobile TV

I'm proud to say that I'm one of these guys using Nokia! 

Watching tv on a Mobile phone. The n96 makes it ( as you guys may know) possible. Wednesday I was able to get my hands on one and had a go with it. 

It is so Sexy! And I wonder how many people are with me on this one. 

"The N96 is a better phone than the Iphone"

With the great camera 5.0 mpx camera, improved design, dvb-h receiver, Nokia maps ( geo-tagging) the new Nokia is a dream for me. 

I know the Iphone is just a real nice phone, and I agree on that. Only I think that people need to decide what their plans are with the phones. Will they listen a lot of mp3's ? Will they watch a lot of video? Will they play a lot of highly interactive games. If this is what you do with a phone you should get an Iphone. 

Are you a blogger? Who wants to be in contact with the Internet for 24/7 , directly easy geo-tagged
pictures on your blog/flickr/facebook? Free Mobile TV everywhere you go? Then you should get a N96.

My opinion at the moment is that the Iphone doesn't work as a phone for me. It is sexy, and it works.
Only in The Netherlands your a doomed with a 2 years contract with T-mobile , which has a crap signal
in the places where I come. Next to that I think that the Iphone could be replaced by the also really sexy
Ipod touch.

I wonder what you guys think about this issue. For me the touchscreen is not "yet" a reason to buy a phone.
Certainly not with the Iphone which doesn't really give you all that extra in stead of the Itouch.

I made a video in which I demonstrate Mobile TV on the n96, connected to a beamer.
You can see how easy you can, watch, record and remind programs, next to that you can see it's quality
which for me was really impressive.

let me know what you think guys!


D@NNY said...

You can't compare an iPhone to a Nokia N96.

An iPhone can't play live television. Only if it's on Youtube.
If you want to do a real comparisson you should compare it with a Samsung P960 for example.

Comparing a N96 to an iPhone is like comparing an apple to a pear.
I am or was a fan of the iPhone till T-Mobile said i couldn't get 1. Now i am looking at the Samsung Omnia. Also a nice phone to look at.

But don't forget that Google Android is comming. I heard one of the first phones that will work with that is the HTC Dream.
Looking forward to your opinion on that 1.

Erick Alejandro said...

So you like more the N96 than the iPhone... ok!? xD I have use the N96 only one time and I have to say that it looks sooo cool and is very useful... I dont know if the mobile tv can be used in my country but surely this is the future for the mobile phones...
Nice video.

Erick Alejandro said...

You are right, is difficult to compare phones that are soo cool and complete like these, my uncle works on Samsung and que told me about this phone and sounds cool, and sounds more cool the G1 (Google Androind) it looks nice(I need to read more about it but looks cool too)
.-. I didnt like(sooo much) the N96, I saw it like the N95, but now I like it more...
hey! And we have to wait to know more about the Nokia Tube, it looks interesting and I saw it at the last Batman movie, :P

Christopher Marks said...

@ danny

I do think I can compare the two. You must see Mobiles as fruit. Iphone is the Apple and Nokia is the Pear.

I prefer Pears.

As a phone I think the N96 satisfies a whole lot more of my needs than the Ihpone. I must agree that the design and navigation of the Iphone is beautiful however the basic functions of the phone. Such as integrated applications for posting on the my networks and producing video , are not there. Next to that the phone has a 2.0 mp Camera which is too low for me.

Google android is something that will come later, I don't think it will be better than the stuff we have at the moment, however if people start program for it. I think it can become one of the most used software for the mobile phone industry.

What did you think of the launch of Android? Wasn't really impressed actually...

Erick Alejandro said...

hey Chris, I did not like(sooo much) the N96, I saw it like the N95, but now I like it more, I watch the video and it looks cool, fast and innovative...