Friday, January 25, 2008

Licence to Ki... uhm drive

Yesterday I passed my driving test. It went very well and the funny thing was, I was real relaxed. After 35 hours driving with an instructor I did the test and I passed. The stupid thing is that it takes another week for I can drive. Well I found a way to live without the licence for eighteen years. I think I can handle one other week.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Maud Mulder & Blogstars

If you watch Dutch celeberies website's, you'll notice that these sites mostly are nothing more than nicely designed Biography,Discography and lyrics. Of course they have a blog where they occasionaly post some updates about some performances, and they would most probably have a guestbook. However, if you really want to know what these stars are up to. You need to be briefed by the television or gossip  magazines. 
The information that you "as a fan" gets is either promotion for their new released album or gossip. 

At Orange Aria we developed a way that Celeberities can upload films, foto's and texts directly on their Blogstar website. I have installed software on Mobile Phones so the Stars just need to produce the content and upload it to the website. This process takes really short because all Mobile generated Content "MGC" produced can be uploaded by pressing 1 button on the phone. 

At the moment there is a pilot going on. Maud Mulder "Idols artist in 2004" has started to use the Blogstars platform. We have never announced the website and in the last four weeks we have achieved to get 9000 pageviews. 

At the moment we are in conversation with a lot of Artist who would love to get the Blogstar platform. This means that in January we hope to have at least five different artist's or groups who are using this platform. The design will have a lot of tweaks in the coming days. What is on there at the moment is a global idea of what it will look like in the end. If you have tips about navigation, colors, buttons please let me know! 

I really want to know what you guys think of this idea, would you follow the Blogstars? 

check out for the website of Maud. "It's in Dutch though, sorry guys!"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Babelgum & Joost

It has been a while since I used this programs. Just when Babelgum & Joost launched I was real positive about them. Slightly more positive about Joost because I think the design and User computer experience is better. But what to think now? I haven't heard anything about their plans for ages. It looks like these great programs are standing still. I gave up on Joost before, because the content wasn't up-to-date and everytime the software had an update I had to find my login details again, "that for some reason always got lost". The p2p programs were very promising to me, but if the content isn't there. They won't find me using it.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It had to come. And it came. Today has launched. I think it's an official start of my career. It will become the way to find things about me, to look at some my projects and progression in the media world.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Networking event 212 Amsterdam

Tonight I've been to the Felix Meritis where I spoke to some interesting people. The event itself was informal and was meant to wish some colleagues a happy new year. Great place for a person like me to network. I found it interesting to see there weren't many students present. I think these event's are the best way to network. And it is an ideal way for students to meet people from the business world. Maybe they could reconsider the location because the acoustics in the building is horrible. I couldn't understand anything my neighbour was telling me. Besides, I was amazed by the fact no one fainted because of the temperature. But well enough, I had a nice evening.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Portfolio Website Online!

Happy New year to you all!

I Just launched my portfolio website! My showcase is still in Dutch but I'm planning to make an English version pretty soon. Please have a look. You can find my showcase in the top link of the update menu.