Thursday, November 06, 2008

Help save Mobuzz TV!

To produce an online video show 5 days a week, in three languages en multiple formats you need money. To be exact Mobuzz TV spends 15.000 euro's a month to produce the shows. Hosting costs/production costs/staff etcetera, it adds pretty quickly. 

Mobuzz TV is an European well known videoblog. The bite-size shows are mainly about Digital Lifestyle, gadgets, the web, 2.0 and other fresh topics to keep the passionate and computer-savvy generation an interactive show. 

Mobuzz is in trouble! Mobuzz TV has started a rescue plan on a web 2.0 way. They use twitter, bloggers, there website and viral marketing to get 120,000 euros before the 9th of November. 

It is a rough time for 2.0 companies, certainly because most of the business-models are not working. Producing all these free shows, and get your income through a few banners and pre-rolls. It just don't seem to work. 

I think the strength of videoblogging is not so much the reach that you have. Of course, you can earn money by putting up ads and tell your sponsors that they reach this big audiance you have. But a business model based on this, I think is crazy. Proffesional (b)(v)-logging is hard, and not yet a booming business. 

It's a tough world and that's why I also want to help this very high-quality show from Madrid. Watch the video where they give more additional information. And help save Mobuzz TV. 

Save Mobuzz from Anil de Mello on Vimeo.

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