Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good times at TwittMad

Same time, same place, same day. Yesterday I have attended the TwittMad in Madrid. 

What exactly is Twittmad?  

TwittMad is the first meeting organised by Twitters for Twitters. Marilin Gonzalo ( one of the founders of TwittMad)  used twitter for quite some time. She has been following people, but she wanted more. She and here Argentinean fellow Twitters decided to meet up one time. And they organised this through twitter. 

They had a dinner somewhere and had a great time. They decided to do it more often. Maybe once a month? Because they met up using twitter, people who followed them noticed that they were meeting up, and they also wanted to know who the real people behind these Nicknames are. 

TwittMad was born.

Yesterday the 11th meeting of TwittMad was being held in the Irish Pub at Calle de Brasil in the heart of Madrid. They have loads of space there to manage up to 100 people. The strength of Twittmad is that they don't want to make money out of it. It is just for meeting up with twitterfriends!

At the moment people are also organizing Twittmad in Barcelona, Lisbon and there was even one in Tokio. The idea of the meeting is to Network, have fun, talk about blogs/twitter/mobile phones/your addiction to chocolate/plurk/Apple/music/Laptops/your favorite colour and the rest. 

So why is this meeting different?

There wasn't really a goal or a presentation or anything that HAS to be done around here. And for once it has really been relieving that you don't have to sell your blog..

I think the idea of meeting people there, getting introduced by others and drinking some nice beers was a great way of discovering who these guys you follow look like.

I finally met some people which I knew for a long time. And it was a really nice experience to meet these people in person. Personally I would really love an event just like this in Holland,
Of course you have meet ups. Such like twitterborrel. But I'm not sure it will be the same. 

I would love to see a meeting just like Beers & Blogs, and Twittmad organised in The Netherlands.

Anybody feeling like organizing it with me?!

check my flickr for all the photo's I made.

Or other the other photo stream of Marilin

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Erick Alejandro said...

Hi chris, nice post...
I´ll post something like that for the pizza´n blogs meeting that I told you.
I going to be the next August 30 in a Pizza Hut(why?! we used a pole) I sent a comment to marilin, maybe you can help me to ask her... hey! maybe the next saturday I will have a meeting with Edgar(he is going to Belice tomoroow), and I get an interview for him in Prensa Libre(with my jounalist friend)... I talked with him today, it was cool, I told with him like we have been friends... xD I wish he could gone to this blogger meeting, but he cant, he is going to retunr to madrid the 25th, ok... I am going to bed now, I am going to camping tomorrow... I am thinking to llevar* my phone, to take photos and maybe be online sometimes, or send pics to my twitpic... have a nice weekend and have fun(... only a little) :P Adios! hey! I to ask you some questions about something of the european culture... and something about your 180 EUR phone bill.... xD adios!