Saturday, April 12, 2008

Little personal victory..!

I had a great surprise after finding out I was in the Mobuzz show!
I uploaded an Animoto intro and two days later the Mobuzz team used it. See the video below!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Chris' Animoto Video

Animoto THE Online video editor

Today I found about Animoto!

What is Animoto? 1 word fantastic!

What does Animoto? Let me tell you!
Well let him tell you.

Animoto is an online video editor, where you don't have to edit yourself. I was a little suspicious at first. But after seeing the results I made in 2 minutes."The other Animoto titled post" I was really impressed.

The only thing you have to do is to upload your photo's or videos, choose your music ( in their library, or your own) and upload! It edits your files really fast and in no time you got a real cool unique video. Unique because it never edits the same video in the same way. It is a real fun experience to see your photo's been edited in such a way. It would take me a few hours to get those effects.

Go to their website and have fun!

Symbaloo.. A weird name for a great website

Symbaloo.. A weird name for a great website.

Symbaloo is an online desktop. It is the ideal homepage. Symbaloo makes with their Ipod touch atmosphere a great competitor for Igoogle.

What makes this different then?

At first the Interface of the site is great. You can drag and drop pre-registered rss feeds into your reader in 2 seconds. Besides the great interface you can share your online desktop with others. You have the opportunity to sign up, and if you do that. Your personal desktop will be available from all over the world. I can also send my desktop to other people, this way I can keep my colleagues up-to-date with a ready-to-use rss reader.

But it isn't only a rss reader. It is called a desktop simply because you can direct the Internet from that page. The most popular search engines ( telefoongids, Google, Marktplaats) are accessible from this site. There are also widgets available of course ( gmail, hyves, facebook).

On of the most cool feature of Symbaloo is not the rss reader or the desktop. It is the news page. You can easily make your personal preferences, and in no time you have a visual result of the latest news. There are pictures taken from different websites and if you hover your mouse over the picture, you will see the headline with an intro of the article.

The website is made for the dutch audience, but I guess the website will go internationally very soon.

Please have a look at


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Games of Amsterdam ( Amsterdamse Stadsspelen)

I just finished my first deliverable for Orange Aria. I visited Ymere, one of the big sponsors of the city games.

The Amsterdam city games is a competitive event in which different parts of Amsterdam battle in the categories: Soccer, Quiz, Cooking, Dancing and music. Ymere started an internal promotion campaign to motivate the employees to sign up for the games. I was there and filmed the happening. Have a look, ( the film is in Dutch, Sorry guys! )