Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twitter on Hyves - tWWWitter

So you are using twitter and hyves. How cool would it be to link those two together?! 

In hyves you have an application called WWW ( Who, What and Where) in fact it is a way to microblog just like you do with Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook etc. 

You get probably bored with typing in your updates in 10 different websites. So I decided to give you a small tutorial link your twitter updates with your Hyves WWW. 

There is a website made by Tijmen Brommet which allows you to link your twitter with your hyves. 

The only thing you'll have to do is just typ in your username. "just where the red arrow points towards to. 

The following which you need to do is give permission to your hyves account to link your tweets to Hyves. You can do this by clicking on "naar hyves gaan om toestemming te geven!" which means "go to my hyves account and give permission!"

You'll end up at the hyves website where you need to login. After that you should just click on "toestemming geven" which means "give permission". 

After that your tweets will turn up on your WWW at hyves. 

Enjoy it! 


D@NNY said...

You could also include the twitter code (like your flash twitter on this blog) as a gadget.

Just copy past the code of the twitter-app like you would when embedding a Youtube movie.

That's how I included Twitter on my Hyves...

Erick Alejandro said...

¡Lo logr√©!
I almost not use my hyves account, but now I have my Tweets op je Hyves! :P xD