Thursday, August 07, 2008

At twittmad last Tuesday I met an interesting young man who calls himself Gafeman. I remembered he had a great application working on his Ipod Touch. Which allowed him to listen to music. Just like He had a "special version", on which he gave me a demo. 

He went to There he saw the interface. He could click on one of the songs on the homepage but he did a search for "fall out boy".

The application suggested a band while he was typing in the name which helped him for a quick search,
and result. He clicked on the song which he wanted to play
and Voila! The song started to stream ( very fast) in his browser and provided him a High quality version of the song.
Because of his "special" Ipod he was also able to download the song to his ipod. 
I was amazed by this, especially how fast it went and checked it out on the web. doesn't stop with the Iphone. has a application for the: Playstation 3, Twitter, Mozilla Add-on, Iphone and an special jukebox which does random search in the database.

At the moment the Database is not big. They added a lot of music from different artists. However the full albums aren't available, the most Hits of the artists are.
As I saw for the votes and the clicks on the songs, I'm guessing the website just started. I think it has great potential with their easy and very simple interface.

I think especially the Playstation 3 app. is good. At the moment the music player in the Playstation is very bad. If I plug in my Ipod the songs aren't well categorized. The Categorize the songs on dates it was added and the names of the albums 
are impossible combinations of numbers and letters. 
If you browse to with your playstation you will see the special playstation website. Here you can search the database for the song which you want to listen.
If you click on the song, it will stream just like the web version of however if you click 2, you will download the song to your ps3 Harddrive.

This is like a combination of Limewire and on your ps3!

The twitter app. doesn't answer the question: " What are you doing?" but "What are you listening?" Your twitter will be updated every time you will listen a song. And people will not only know what you are doing during the day, but also what you listen!

Go check it out for yourself, I will be waiting for the N95 App!

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