Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vloggers On The Road

If you're a dutch blogger. You must be aware of Hollands most popular Marketing Weblog named Marketingfacts. 
The past two weeks I had the opportunity to post some video's on that blog. With seven fellow other students I am setting up 2 formats for a new online video site called M!TV, Marketing Facts TV. 

These posts were in Dutch, and to get some more feedback on the concepts I thought I would turn to you guys. In the video's I posted I asked for feedback on the concepts which we developed. Because we think we could use the wisdom of the crowds, in the end; we are producing these formats for the M!community!

Vloggers on the Road is a concept were the community gets hold of a vlogbox. This vlogbox contains a camera, microphone, a manual "How to Edit" and trial editing software.  This box will be in hands of the bloggers of Marketingfacts. 

The Idea is that these bloggers make videos about every Marketing related subjects. They could take the vlogbox to Events, interview interesting colleagues  or could just show the world a glimpse of there life. Everyweek the vlogbox will be given to another blogger. This way the bloggers of M! need to set up an appointment to hand over the Vlogbox. This way we hope there will be a sort of chain-letter effect. 
We thought of this concepts because there are a lot of online video channels which just copy tv to the web. I think there is a very different way online video channels work than ordinary tv. Lately a lot of webTV channels are just copying tv, which in my eyes don't work. Look to , a dutch vlog which actually is just a bad copy of tv. Watching interviews of 43 minutes is just not going to work, unless it is really special. I think the only webTV platform which can get my attention for those videos is, which you guys most certainly heard of. 

I think for a starting webTV platform you need original and fresh content. It doesn't have to be a proffesional tv production. Look at some of the crap quality video's on youtube. I think on the road content should be fun and surprising. Certainly with vloggers on the road. Because you never know which blogger is the next on Marketingfacts TV. 

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