Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nokia N97

Today I heard Nokia will come up with a new phone. The Nokia N97. If you have a look at the youtube film which I embedded. You'll notice that the combination of keyboard and touchscreen looks pretty useful. I'm a Nokia fan, and I love the way Nokia keeps coming with these great phones! 

Of course I haven't tested it. But here are some of the specs*. 

-5 megapixel camera
-32 GB internal flash Memory (room for a 16 - 48 GB Micro SD card) 
-3,5 inch (640×360 pixels) screen 16:9
-Touchscreen ( not multi-touch as it seems in de video)  

If you have a look at this you'll notice that it has a lot of memory. I wonder what this will do with the way people use Mobile. 

This phone will work on Symbian, just like the N95 and N96. Since the Iphone has more than 10,000 apps. The symbian platform has been opened as a open-source platform. I wonder what succes that will bring.  

The N97 should be in store in the beginning of 2009 and will cost around 550 euro. 

Just have a look at this video. And get amazed by this phone! 

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r4 ds said...

Any possibility that gsmarena can notify people on the availability of handsets on specific networks, e.g the nokia N97, which network will it available and what colour.