Saturday, July 19, 2008

So how are they doing @ Mobuzz?

Yesterday I spend a good time in park Retiro. You could see it as the Central Park of Madrid, It is huge and you can get a lot of inspiration for any kinds of things over there.
However I'm not writing this post to tell you how great Madrid is. Because after my stay in the park I went to Mobuzz tv.

Mobuzz Tv is the portal of all kinds of shows. You have the Dosis Diara, Daily buzz and Le buzz which are a short news show about developements in tech and digital lifestyle. Next to that there are 2 other Spanish shows which called, el Noticerio and El punto gilton.

I went to see Gabe Mac, he is the presenter of the Daily Buzz. Gabe showed me around the building, "check for photo's". He needed to prepare some stuff for the Monday show, and I got to see how they made it. The first thing I noticed was that everybody at Mobuzz works with Google Docs. And if you think about it is great if you need to share a lot of documents with Colleagues.

The Mobuzz shows are made by the presenter, gabe in this situation searches through 9000 RSS feeds to find some interesting articles/films or pictures. That way he makes a choice on what will get in the show, and he writes his own show down. There is also a script which he will need to make every day for the editors. About 2 O'clock Gabe is ready, and they will film the show. All with an Canon XH A1 HDV camera.

After gabe has done his part the editors get to work, and look at the script of gabe, they will see all the content which he wants to have in the show. The editors will add all of these things working with the latest version of Final cut pro.

Pretty awesome to have seen this process.

When Gabe was done he made some time for me for an Interview. I'll be publishing this Interview on tomorrow.

I'm heading to the park now, trying to get a tan. Shouldn't be a problem with this weather.

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