Sunday, July 06, 2008

Visual Search engine top 5...

Thanks to Erick Alejandro I found about two other visual search engines.He got me thinking and I just made my visual search engines top 5.

Quinturq is a visual search engine which works with tag clouds. You can enter your query and it searches for related tags. The search engine works with split screen so you can see the results of your tagcloud right away. The most cool thing of this engine is that you can make your own tagclouds pretty fast and embedd them on your website. The thing I don't like about it is that the website looks terrible. It hasn't got that 2.0 feeling like other websites. I think this is just a Google, Ugly but efficient.


Kartoo is a funny flash based visual "meta" search engine. It connects tags and looks at the content. For instance if you search for "Toto" you'll see that the connection boxes on the screen contain words like "Music, Rock, Band, Artist" if you hover over the words you'll notice the tags which contain that sort of information will be linked with a line. What I truly find stupid of this website is that it gives you the illusion you can enter search with categories such as"Images, video, wikipedia" However this is just a link to yahoo or wikipedia. Is this because their lazy? Or do the just don't want to keep people on their website?


A visual search engine isn't always a website. So we can see from Ergo. Ergo is a search engine which you download on your computer. It works with a combination of online and offline searching. What does that mean? Well that you can organise your own stuff just like you can do with programs like Picasa. The cool thing from Ergo is that you can search in multiple sources. From your local hard disk to Flickr to Google. Of course these results are shown as a nice Apple frontrow style copy which gives it a nice 2.0 look and feel.

The thing I don't like of Ergo is that you need to download a program to search your computer and the web. Besides that the give you a trial version first. And after that they expect people to purchase the software. I would never pay for a search engine on my computer, would you?!


I think Redzee is a great number 2. It has a very beautifull way of showing their results. It reminded me of a carousel which you can make with Wix. Is very User friendly and it makes searching a lot easier. It is simply just click and drag with websites. The website however does contain a big ammount of bugs. It can't find query's, or the website doesn't load properly. They are just like every 2.0 company in Beta, so you can't really complain. I really think we can hear more from these guys.


You type 'visual search engine" into google, and these guys come up. I think the best visual search engine at the moment because of the true 2.0 way of designing and programming this website. I think Web 2.0 has all to do with sharing litteraly everything you can. I never even thought of sharing my search results but if you think about it, it can come in handy sometimes. Search me works with the -not to original- but very beautifull Apple frontrow display. It shows thumbnails of the websites and you can enlarge them, and go that website if you feel like it. The greatest function of Search me is building your stacks. You can just drag websites/photo's/video into a stack which after that you can simply embedd in your blog. :-) Tried it before in this blog which worked fine for me. I think these guys will be followed by a lot of other search engine company's. However at the moment. They are my number one.

So what about you guys, did you miss one in this top 5? What are you're top 5's?
let me know.

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There is a visual search engine, it only for kids))