Sunday, July 13, 2008

As told to chris

If you follow me on twitter you might have read it. I'm planning a trip to the sunny and hot Madrid. I'll be leaving Wednesday the 16th and I'll be coming back the 21st of August. What will I be doing there?

Madrid, a big and hot city which doesn't stands still. I will be working on a big article over there. An article about new media in Europe. At the moment people in Europe think the new media revolution is happening in Northern Europe. I am not so sure about that, as I see a lot of online video channels and other great initiatives coming from the South. I will be interviewing people from these upcoming companies and will investigate what's going on there.

How will I brief you guys about this?!

Just today I made a podcast channel called "As told to Chris". This will be a weekly show in what's happening over there in the world of New Media. Are they ahead of us? What sort of gadgets are the most normal thing in the world over there? How does a Southern-Europe Culture use New Media? Next to that I'll be adding interviews with interesting people. I'm trying to reach Martin Varsvasky, Gabe Mac, Anil de Mello and some other guys which I think will have a interesting opinion about this subject.

Besides that, I'll be producing little video's which I'll post on fulltime chris, these will contain little documentary's about the city, the interviews and other reports about New media in Madrid. Also I will be making photo's which I will upload to Flickr, the idea behind this is that the pictures should talk for themselves. So I won't be saying more about that. You can check these pictures on As told to Chris or on my flickr account.

Going to Madrid alone is pretty exciting for me. I hope you guys will follow the show. And have input on my output.

It would be very cool to have a lot of interaction with you guys.

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Erick Alejandro said...

You have to be very excited about all of this. The intro sounds really cool, I loved it.
I wish that you have very good luck in your trip to Madrid and your podcast "As Told to Chris"...
Surely, you have a lot of opportunities in your way...
Ok, I am going to follow you in the next days and weeks in your new podcast and twitter or wherever?!... and maybe I can call you, and you could practice spanish before you go to Madrid.
Adios! And God bless you! :)
(sorry if I wrote some mistakes, I didn´t use my translator today, xD)