Monday, March 03, 2008

UGC @ the Daily buzz - Mobuzz 2.0

Mobuzz keeps surprising me lately. Today Mobuzz has launched an addition to their website. Newsroom 2.0. It is still in Beta and it isn't really clear how you get at the Newsroom, but when you get there it is pretty cool. I got there via my profile page, which unfortunately hasn't improved.

What can you do at the Newsroom then?

Your able to create your own content for the newsroom. Let other mobuzzers know what you think is worth watching. You can submit photo's, video's or URL's. This way I could make little documentaries, upload them to Mobuzz and use Mobuzz as my Broadcasting channel. I could also use Mobuzz as an youtube channel, or maybe as an public mini blog.

There also is an vote option. It's could Buzz instead of Digg. I'm not sure what happens if you have the most "buzzes". Maybe you can become the Mobuzzer of the Month. I'm sure that will become clear later this week.

I had to make a post, and promoted my blog. =) ( what else ?*) When I uploaded my story I finally saw more of the Mobuzz Bee. Finally! I think they should do more with the logo.The polishing they did on the daily buzz is also an improvement. Much more Mobuzz.
Well enough Alliteration with the Mobuzz M. ( I just like to do that).

I'll play further with the site, I recommend you do the same!

* The arrow on the newsroom picture points to my post. My blog. Just thought you should know.

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Roger said...

Thaks! yet it will be official until tomorrow.