Sunday, March 23, 2008


I have been invited to the private Beta of Searchme. It looked cool when I start playing with it yesterday. I haven't had time to give a full review but I'll try to have done that at the end of the week. I suggest you sign up for the private beta yourself. And let me know what you think.


Erick Alejandro said...

Yesterday I submit my email address for an invitation... Pero aún no me la han enviado.
I watch in some videos and it looks cool... ¿Searchme irá a afectar a Google?

Christopher Marks said...


I don't know is Searchme is going to affect google. but I think this type of searching ( 3d visual search) is a part of the future. Maybe google will have their own in the short future. Because it's as least as fast as google, and you don't have to scroll through the pages. you can immediately see which site you will enter, with the same text a normal search engine has... So I think time will tell.