Thursday, March 13, 2008


Just discovered Piclens. Wow! What a cool addon to Mozilla.

What is it? Piclens is an application which allows you to view pictures, which you find at google, flickr, facebook etc., on a 3d wall. It's almost an Apple frontrow experience in combination with a searchengine. I did a simple test and searched for "christopher Marks" in Flickr. I got my pictures on the wall. I can zoom in on them. Make them Full screen. Easily scroll through them. It's the most beautiful picture viewer I've seen. It makes me think of the tiltviewer, from airtightinteractive. However this has another function, and it is great. Download it immediately! Because I know you will fall in love with it. Just like I did.

This is very easy to download, and it gives you an great experience to watch photo's. go to

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Erick Alejandro said...

I like it,
when I begin to use the image browser from I like it more than google... because in Google I have to pass the from in live all the images are in a unic window? but now, whit piclens i use google... i click on this and the gallery begins...
Its cool!