Thursday, June 05, 2008

Testing Joggle

Fabrik Beta has turned into Joggle.

Pretty cool name don't you think?
I got an email from Joggle this morning telling me they had "upgraded" my account. I forgot I signed up, but after logging in en playing with it it is kind of useful. This is my first test with the embedding feature. I very easily made this player.

With Joggle you can find, mix and share all your digital content. You can upload files and store them in your online library. If you do this, you can easily make an embedd code for your files and embedd them on your Blog for instance.

You can have a million desktops, and 1000 accounts on online services and still collect the stuff in 1 place. One of the advantages is the sharing mode, you can share it privately, but also publicly.

At the moment only Google Images and Flickr are available as online services you could link to your Joggle. It is a beta so this can be improved with other services like youtube etc. However it works fine. You can easily drag and drop your photos from your Flickr account and make a cool widgets or slide shows with it.

The best thing of Joggle is the User Interface. You don't have these static upload buttons, but it works like any other web 2.0 application. You can drag and drop almost anything. I suggest you register on the website and get invited just like me. The way it sorts out all your stuff is really great!

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