Thursday, June 12, 2008

Olivia?! No more..

"hi guys. First of all, let me apologize for all this wait. I am really sad to read all the comments --please rest assured we do read all of them, and we do feel your disappointment. I don't expect you to understand how deeply sorry the crew behind the show is with this outcome :(

Anyways, I wasn't supposed to comment on the company's policies, but I felt someone needed to address the community. You have all raised very valid issues ( eg. transparency, honesty and respect for the viewers ), many of which had already been brought up in-house even before we got to this point. If we have kept silent it was not out of disregard for the community, but rather because we (the crew) *really* didn't know what was going on for the most part.

Since it is already public, I guess there's no harm done confirming that Olivia won't be with us anymore. Which is very sad, since she is one of the most talented geekettes we've seen. So, best of luck for her in whatever she does next --we will miss you, Olivia!

As for Mobuzz, well, some of you have spoken very clearly about never coming back --can't blame you for that I guess (sounds a bit unfair to the rest of the team --but I digress). If you still have any faith on the team that brought you the Daily Buzz, stick around just a couple more days --there's something planned for next Monday that I hope you'll find very interesting. Again, excuse our lack of communication and please accept our apologies. Our CEO shall tell you soon enough more details about what happened and what the plan is to move forward. Best regards, Paul."

Sad news to see the that Olivia stopped at Mobuzz TV. I loved the show, and I think she has made a high standard for the next presenter. Mobuzz and Olivia
parted ways because it didn't work anymore. Here is her post on her tumblr site.

Yep, apologies for the prolonged cyber-space absence. Been too busy running round the park in the rain (yes it´s still raining in Spain), re-discovering weekday lie-ins and drinking the black stuff straight from the Irish horses beer tap.

If you are following me on Twitter (which I assume you are, or otherwise how else would you have found me on Tumblr?!) you will know by now that me and Mobuzz TV have parted ways. No juicy gossip or underhand tricks to feed into the blogging rumour-mill I´m afraid, just the simple explanation that it wasn´t working out anymore.

So what next?!! Well, first up on the list is a big pile of laundry that I have been avoiding for days, then maybe a weekend break in Amsterdam…where I hear chocolate brownies and mushroom omelettes taste a whole lot of different to the norm.

Then..who knows. I will be Twitting and Tumbling where and when I can, and although not behind the camera, I will continue to lurk somewhere in cyber-space if you´re interested in finding me.

Thanks for all the messages guys……now…..Ive got a plane to catch, and a brownie to eat :)

Ciao xxxx "

I see that Olivia is coming to Amsterdam for the weekend. Maybe she will become the flying reporter traveling to different cities around the world. Letting us know how she's doing in her trip around the world. It would be cool to see her use different kind of technologies like Qik, Twitter and her blog to let us see a bit of Olivia's trip. I mean she has the experience in presenting. I think she could do that =).

However it is a sad thing it didn't work out with her and Mobuzz TV. It really was a reason to look at Mobuzz TV. I was glad she let us know via her tumblr she left Mobuzz. Mobuzz TV has dissapointed a lot of her viewers by just posting reruns at the site. "Actually including me".

I hope the newsroom doesn't collapse, because I think the community Mobuzz has is a real interesting one.

Well I keep you updated when some news comes out.


Anonymous said...

:S Will you continue watching mobuzz tv?

Christopher Marks said...

Of course I'll stick with Mobuzz. However they must be carefull and come up with something quite good to keep the audiance happy. I think it is a bad thing we had to hear the news from Olivia, and not from Anil de Mello. It frustrated a big part of the Mobuzz community.

The mobuzz concept is one in which I truly believe, I think it is a great show. Olivia just did a hell of a good job. But even without Olivia they could make a good show.

I wonder what Mobuzz is planning this Monday. Maybe they come up with something great?! Who knows.

Erick Alejandro said...

Yes, you are right. But the monday show have to be great, as you say, the mobuzzers are some frustrated and they will decide to continue on mobuzz or go out. ?! :P
Today is my first vacations day... 2 free weeks... I will take some videos and write on EMTOE... have a nice weekend, this sunday I have to work on TV, and I will not can to hear you the the radio... :S but the last week I did. ok, I am going to sleep. bye!

now said...

What is her Twitter/Tumblr site?

Christopher Marks said...


Her tumblr url is:

I don't know what she's up to at the moment. The tumblr site includes a RSS feed of her Twitter; which is @Liv_Waters

now said...

Cheers for that. What's everyone watching now Mobuzz is de-funct?

Only I can't find another technology channel... :(

Christopher Marks said...

Since mobuzz is gone I try to keep myself updated through the following channels:

My twitter followers which are very useful for links. Some interesting figures are @mathys , @jonathanmarks , @gabemac the rest of the tweets I follow are in Dutch or spanish so I don't know if you're interested in following them.

I also follow some other blogs, of course the one of sethgodin which is

Another Dutch blog is :

Which I find is very interesting.

For video content I've gone back to and

I thought the Mobuzz Newsroom 2.0 was very really helpful for sharing content with other viewers. Do you have a suggestion for something similar? Maybe a forum or other social network?

Which blogs do you follow and what's the reason why you follow them?