Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why students don't blog

I think about 2 % of the students from my course have an active blog. Why should we use this medium? Why should we come up with stories people won't read. Why should we even bother to put time and effort in an article from which the quality won't be the same as that from proffesional bloggers. Why should we blog?

Interactive Media students, the new media experts. They can think cross-media, develop applications for new media, they can easily work in teams. But why won't they blog?

The interactive Media students are pretty fast in understanding new media. Who can you reach via a new medium? What does it cost? And what is the deadline? You should think a blog to keep up with yourself shouldn't be an extra luxury. Well it is.

The positive effects from a blog come on the long term. You can actually make an archive from your own interests. But on the short term, a blog just robs you from your time. Students don't want to produce news, but consume it. Have it the easy way. "just like everybody".

That way I get my news from 3 different blogs. I filter every site I'm on, and use gmail as my homepage. That way I get my information the fastest way. The most relevant information I want, ends up in my mailbox. As a somewhat different Interactive Media student I do have a blog. I also have twitter, jaiku and other mini blogs, but I do like to write. You must have passion for something, after that you can start blogging about it. I make time to let other people know what I find Interesting in the big world of new media. And well time is precious nowadays.

The reason for this post is that I find it very weird young people like myself, simply hate blogs. They think they are very subjective, just like wikipedia. I don't agree, I think a blog is a way of starting conversations, keeping friends/contacts up-to-date and for the proffesional ones publishing news on the web.

Well I think I'll just keep going with writing my opinion.

here are some of my favorite blogs,

Erick Alejandro
This blog is of Erick Alejandro who is a student in Guatemala. He is very up-to-date with new mobile developments and other tecky news.

Mobuzz TV
Mobuzz TV, well this is simply my morning ritual, I watch it every morning to keep myself up-to-date with Mobuzz News.

This is a dutch blog which produces some cool news from the world of Internet

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Anonymous said...

You write about the passion, I think that is the reason why the active blogs exist. I began my blog on January of this year, I have been learned a lot of things, I knew new people :P, and I can express my opinion on my posts...
I am a 16 years old guy, from Guatemala... I dont know about someone that have a blog like me... only other friends, but they are studing at the University and have more than 22 years old.
Thanks for write about my blog, I know that my blog is really poor, but I am learning to write and express my ideas on my blog¨...
I use my iGoogle as homepage... I have my email, and some widgets, like a day & time, weather, Mobuzz TV RSS, twitter, engadget RSS, etc...
In Mexico the PC Magazine create a website like Mobuzz, is named Jambitz.
--Finally, I have to say, that the passion is the most important thing when someone do something... :P adios!