Thursday, May 01, 2008

Masterclass Simon Phillips

After a very busy Queens day, on which I had to work all day. I had my best night ever. It was the best 20 euro I have ever spend. I have been to Simon Phillips!

In the biggest drum shop of the Netherlands "Adams Drumworld" I arrived with my dad. Lars Nijman, a 13 year old drummer warmed us up. I was surprised with the technique of this young chap. He played stuff made by Simon if it was nothing. He certainly is a chap from which we'll hear much more.

When we were stunned about the performance of Lars, Simon Phillips came to his great Tama drum set and blowed us away with a great solo. He played on and on, and you saw a passionate man sitting behind Dream Drums. You could enjoy an hour of fantastic drumming by Simon, and as a drummer myself it was a Morale boost. I envy him and admire him. And like 10,000 of other drummers, want to become as good as he is.

Another very interesting thing in the show was the second hour. At 10 o'clock Simon took the mic and just began answering questions. How do you warm up? Where does your Inspiration come from? Ho do you keep yourself in control? Simon did a good job on answering these questions very specifically. He demonstrated techniques he uses and gave away some of his drum secrets.As a fan of Simon I was thrilled to see this all and was hypnotized for 2 hours. After he gave the audience a memorable experience he did an autograph session. And of course I got my Toto Falling in Between Live DVD signed. Also I managed to get on a photo with him.

It was 12 O'clock, and I awaited the 2 hour drive back home. I couldn't care, I have been to Simon Phillips!

This is a solo of Lars Nijman.

This is a solo of Simon Phillips.


Anonymous said...

Your Queens Day looks cool!
I watch the videos, he is very nice drummer... I tried to call you this wednesday, but surely you was in the concert, bad luck for me! hehe, you heard the message?! have a good day!
-Erick Alejandro

JackRamon said...

Simon Phillips is now part of a super (fusion) group : Simon Phillips . Philippe Saisse . Pino Palladino . PSP.

You can hear and download (for free) latest PSP's opus : GetJuke


You can follow PSP action on Facebook

JackRamon said...

Simon Phillips's Allegretto

Simon Phillips (along with "compadres" Philippe Saisse and Pino Palladino) is again giving away a free track to his fans : GetJuke

With "Allegretto", their rendition of Beethoven 7th Symphony 2nd Movement almost sounds like a hit-song.


Phillips . Saisse . Palladino on Facebook