Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interactive Documentary - Future plans

I have had some wild dreams about Interactive Documentary's made by different digital storytellers  like me over the world. Emerging technology's are popping up while I'm writing this, and I strongly believe that through culture differences people tend to use these tools in a different way.

However, we are not aware of that due to the way we are sucked into our own culture. Only by actually talking to people, living in another culture, experiencing it or seeing this technology being used, you can look sideways and actually see what brilliant use of technology is happening in the world.

You sometimes can't believe what brilliant ideas in other cultures can help your way of communicating or doing business in your own culture. I always think that sharing these ideas can be very useful in letting other people know what is actually going on in the world. And it would allow to basically make a map of the world in which technology's are popping up and what is happening with them.

I want to set up a group of people, a community, digital storytellers, a reporter group if you like, with which we can make a video documentary. (one to start with :D )

I'd like to have brainstorms with you so we can come up with questions we can ask promising people active in our culture, and comparing these people with each other in this video montage. (Don't worry, we will use social media to make this video I know some tricks :) )

I thought that it might be hard to keep standards such as video formats, but don't let you get down by that. I'm far more interested in the content. We will find ways to show the information. And maybe have a worldwide documentary release one day. :)

We also have a language problem. However this barrier can be solved by tools like babelgum or google translate. The words and grammar isn't as important as the message we'd like to share. I do think it would be handy if we all understand English. But even if you don't, you might have translated this message...

I've had a similar project started with Erick Alejandro living in Guetemala which I see as a great friend thanks to Internet. This project hasn't continued due to lack of experience in managing the project. A loss for it had a great potential! I'd like to step up and manage this Global community of storytellers concerning the use of proper social media.

Please feel free to share this message with others, maybe your brother/sister/son/daughter/friend can be one of these young personalities and make this documentary a success. I don't have insights in every culture, and I'm eager to learn how this works.

Please let me know if you'd like to participate in any way. I'm thinking about building a Wordpress site where we can have online discussions concerning this project.

Think about it, it would be the first documentary made by different people who've never even met...

Let's make something beautiful!

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erick said...

You know you count on me! ;)