Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad relationship with Vodafone

Well I have a bag of frustration for you guys. It's crazy how a company that big, can make such a stupid mistakes.
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Okay, I'm not sure how this works in other countries where Vodafone does business. But I'll tell you my experience at the moment with Vodafone.

My Nokia N95 8GB died. I used it a lot, and for some reason it doesn't boot up again. It still has guarantee so I thought I would just get it fixed at Vodafone... Let the adventure begin.

So I went to the Vodafone store in Bussum and asked if I could fix my phone. The lady said I should have a receipt which came with the phone 1,5 years ago when they delivered it at my house. Well, I don't have that piece of paper, however I did have a vodafone generated e-mail with all my details on it.

  • My order
  • My details
  • Customer number
  • phone number 
  • etc.

So you would think if I can identify myself, it would be okay. Well that was to good to be true. The lady told me I need a piece of paper which I can  order by calling the customerservice. A few hours later I called them. However because I don't have a working vodafone number and I called with my land-line I couldn't reach the customer service. Brilliant!

I rang another Vodafone service number and the computer lady on the phone told me to check the website.

 So there I go, wondering if I could tweet/chat/facebook or whatever with some vodafone employees. Instead I could log in and sent an e-mail. Luckily, I forgot my password. And if I want to get a new password I can have it texted to my phone. Because my phone is broken. I can't login.

I haven't been the most neat person with my receipts, passwords and stuff. But if I think of it.. Is that really my problem? I mean, since I never go to that "my vodafone" page. I just forgot about it. And indeed; you can lose a receipt right?

I'm now paying a bill every month for a crappy service, a vodafonestore employee who's telling me I'm stupid  and phone which isn't working.

I definitely know one thing... When I'm finished with my second 2 year contract... I'm out!

Update: I finally got to login in my vodafone account and managed to find out that the employee in the was wrong. I don't need my receipt as I have a Nokia...

Really... what do I have to do, to "please" use the Vodafone services?


Sven said...

Well T-Mobile doesn't beat them on the terms of sucking! blegh... Next year KPN?

Christopher Marks said...

definitely..I'm paying for a service where I can't even contact them... Terrible service. I guess they never had a an User development experience class at vodafone..I just want it to work.. :(

Anonymous said...

Vodaphone customer service sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Marks said...

@anonymous tell me about it :P. I do however think that 80 % of the telecom providers " suck" on customer service..