Monday, October 19, 2009

The rise of the SME's!

I posted this video about social media experts some time ago. Which made me think about the Social Media Experts (SME's) we have in The Netherlands nowadays. Probably the rise of these characters is all around the globe. However, I notice that every one of them keep coming with the same story. Very interesting entertaining to know how many people use Facebook or Hyves, how many people use twitter, what the succes stories are?

I came across this powerpoint today. A dutch one. " sorry, lo siento ;)"

What this ppt basically tells us, are some entertaining stats, and this same story which every social media expert tell us. Nice design and I'm sure a great story when they give the presentation. However when do people really start using social media, and how should they use it? I wonder what a director of a bank or bookwriter thinks when he sees this. " yes, I should do something with social media".

I wonder when we all stop telling this story and move on to the next phase. "How would I start implementing social media in my business? What are the pro's and con's? " 

I also think we should start realizing that social media is a different story for every company. We know some basic rules thanks to the great presentations online. However which rules has my business?
 Where's the start? Then, ready, set , go!


Matthijs said...

Hi Christopher, thanks for embedding the presentation!

This presentation was specifically designed for the recruitment industry. Of course, basic rules imply for all industries, but every branche and objective (recruitment in this example) has their own set of rules and possibilities. With this presentation I primary pointed out some important example cases in the recruitment branche.


Matthijs, Tribewise

Darren said...


I just want to comment both on the comment of matthijs and chris.


I'm just wondering what your opinion is about categorizing into these branches of which you speak. You say " This presentation was specifically designed for the recruitment industry." In your comment posted above. I understand that every industry has their own rules, but I think I would want to go one step further.

Isn't a social media strategy different for every company? Look at a lot of companies in the same branch which are using Social Media here in the UK at the moment, totally different styles, some are more successful than the other, but it serves it purpose for every organization in a different way. Same branch but total different use of the Social Media tools.

I think a lot of companies nowadays do realize that they want to use Social Media. But when do we all make the shift from inspiring people to innovate companies?


Chris, what is your position at the moment in the world of Social media? I see a lot of posts about Social media lately on this blog. But haven't figured out exactly what you do.



Christopher Marks said...


Thanks for the comment.. Indeed I'm also focussing on Social Media at the moment and like a lot of other people here in The Netherlands I integrate Social Media into Organisations. However I don't believe you can ever do social media integration for a company, that's why we try to change peoples mindset on Social Media. A lot of social media tools are free to use, and companies tend to sign up for everything. They don't really think of a strategy. They just let a internship create a facebook page, or here in The Netherlands a hyves page or another social media tool...

Instead of using the social media tools as an way to have a dialogue with the audience the just want to have a platform where people share success stories about there brand, or another way to shout at people to check their wonderful products. This does give instant results... Minor minor minor results. But people seem to like results, even the small ones.

One of my biggest challenges is to change the mindset of people who think they can use Social Media to have instant results in there Google Analytics account.

I think the a start of the base of your Social media strategy should be answers on the following questions.

- What problem have I solved using the Social media tools.

- How would I want to be approached. if approached at all.

- Why would people want to connect to my brand?

Basically: What Social media service am I offering so people can have a better experience with my brand.

and your next question, are you really doing this. My credo is that you need to do it correctly, or either just get the hell out of social media platforms. There's nothing so embarrassing as a dead Social Media tool connection to a company..

at least, that's what I find ;).