Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to import rss to twitter

So in another post I said something about that you can use twitter as an autobot to post news. Please people don't use this the wrong way. Because if you mis-use the import of rss within twitter you'll be seen as an spammer and you won't get a lot of followers. Believe me. Who wants to follow someone (thing) when they update every 4 minutes with the same type of messages?

If you are clear in your communication that the account which has te import function of rss and twitter is a news account, then this is a very usefull tool!

So let's get started!

There are a few tools to import RSS into your twitter account. Here is the way I do it.

1. Go to twitter and make sure your signed in with the account you want to import RSS to.
2. Go to this website and sign up. http://rss2twitter.com/ ( this one is still in Betá however it works fine ( Safari 4 on Mac OSX)
3. Make sure you get the confirmation e-mail and activate.
4. Add a twitter account by clicking on " add account" this will bring you to the twitter website where you need to click " Allow"
5. When your done twitter is connected with rss2twitter.
6. Click on "my feeds" and add a feed. Just follow the steps on the screen.
7. The bottom three optional options can be used as filter within your RSS feed. This way you can always add #marketing or #socialmedia for instance.

UPDATE: I also came across https://twitterfeed.com which basically does the same.

Hope it works for you guys.



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okazii said...

the first method don't work. i'll try second. thanks!

Christopher Marks said...

no problem,
cheers for the update! Try twitterfeed, that should work :).