Wednesday, September 12, 2007

IBC 2007

I've been working on the IBC for the Association for International broadcasting. I've handed out the channel and sold some of the Directory of Global Broadcasting. I've seen some real nice projects from companies. But the RAI in Amsterdam should shame itself.
The RAI isn't that good at all and they ask terrible prices for refreshments. At the RAI beach you pay about 15 euros for a Hamburger. And it taste like a piece of paper. If you look at 3GSM in Barcelona it's much better organised. I think IBC should move to Barcelona to wake up Amsterdam that their too arrogant. I made a batch to start a rumour and the reactions were great. Where did you get that? Is IBC moving? Where questions that I got a lot. Maybe it's time for Amsterdam to wake up, before the rumour becomes reality.

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