Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Interactive game finished!

Last thursday I've launched my interactive game. It was a succes because everyone I Told about my game were very enthousiastic. It was a hard job to promote my game, because of my teammembers who couldn't care about the promotion, but I still convinced 16 people to vote on my game. The winner had 25 votes. The only problem I had with the voters is that they are so dumb! I mean the winner had a very nice game. It was a table with a monitor in the center en the table was the game board. You could play this game with 4 people and you could win this game by being the first player on the finish. A really nice game to play. But what the voters forget, is that in real life, nobody will by this game. Simply because they don't have room for it. I mean this table really was 1,5 meters by 1,5 meters. Nobody will go to a store and buys a game that they don't have room for. It was really ridiculous. So i really found it a pity that the voters didn't think about on what game they voted. They were consumed by looks and gameplay. But they didn't look beyond that. And if they did, they would find this game too large for boardgame. But I am going to work on my interactive game, and I am going to try if there is a market in this game. Simply because this game is part of a whole new genre.

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