Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad experience with Vodafone NL

I am a customer with vodafone for 2 days now and I am not pleased at all!
On 4 september 2006, I ordered a telephone on the online webstore of vodafone. ( At first I was realy excited because I ordered a really nice telefone and I really wanted to impress my friends with it. I got a letter around 12 september which told me that my simcard and telephone where on there way. And last friday I finally got my simcard. The only thing is that my phone didn't arrive. So I waited for 2 days. And still no telephone. And because they will charge from the 18th of september I got angry with them. So I rang them up (cause the website doesn't give information at all!), and this guy tells me that the phone I ordered was out of stock, and the next supply will be shipped at 11 October. So now I don't have a phone which I really looked out for, I have to pay my monthly bill cause my contract started at the 18th, and I still have to wait for 11 October and hope that I will get my phone (cause the sell about 50 a day). So I really feel treated badly. And my first experience with Vodafone is really terrible! I'm stuck with them for the next two years and I hope my bad experience will stay with this one. If this is the way they treat customers, it isn't the right way!

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Jonathan Marks said...

Perfect case of outsourcing...the online shop has no clue what is happening in customer service...they won't even forward correspondence internally.