Friday, November 23, 2007

Busy week

Wow! What a week has this been for me.. Tuesday (20th of November) I went to London to visit the AIB awards. It was real cool to be there. It was in a real nice building The clothworkers hall in London, and the evening was hosted by Mishal Husain, one of the anchors on BBC World.

I never experienced something like that before. For example I had dinner with the Founder & CEO of Mobuzz. A real nice man called Anil de Mello.
( Please check mobuzzTV for it has become a morning ritual for me. ;-) )

It was weird to sit next to all these people as a Student from Amsterdam. I was a bit nervous because I never had dinner with all these people from the working field, they all have their elevator speech ready, and really now what the are doing. I didn't have one ready. Nonetheless it was a good experience.

The 21st I did some sightseeing. Went to The Tower of London, The British Museum, Harrods and Hyde Park. It is a pity I was their for such a small period. I haven't been to all the attractions in London. And it would have been great to see London's night life. Maybe next time.

later this week I'll upload photos to my flickr account.

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